Sex trafficking happens to children in your community every day.


The podcast that will equip you with the knowledge and the tools to keep the kids in your community safe from traffickers. 

The Podcast

Hello and welcome to Invading the Darkness: stories from the fight against child sex trafficking featuring Linda Smith, the founder of Shared Hope International. Join Linda as she shares stories from her 23 years of fighting the battle of domestic minor sex trafficking.

Our desire is that each episode of Invading the Darkness will help you understand the importance of fighting child sex trafficking as well as equip you to join in that fight.

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What is Sex Trafficking

Read The Book

Shared Hope International Founder and President, Linda Smith, takes you inside the historic fight against child sex trafficking in the United States. You’ll hear the cries from the shadows … come face-to-face with some of the victims … meet the unsung heroes in the fight against this evil … see justice at work … and learn how we’re raising the voice of the voiceless across America.

Hear from movement leaders within the book’s 296 pages of compelling insight, information and inspiration:

When I met with Linda and the subject of missing kids came up, I told her, ‘I know where the kids are. I’ve been saying it for years.’ We’d been waking up the nation about missing kids. Now it was time to wake them up about children and sex trafficking in the United States.” Ernie Allen, Founding Chairman and Former President, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Not knowing what to do is an excuse that just doesn’t fly…what we need to remember is that there is hope. I always want to return to that message. We can make changes. We can reshape this conversation and educate people on what is really happening.” Judge Robert Lung, member of U.S. Presidential Advisory Council on Human Trafficking


Join us as a light in the darkness — help us change the culture and transform lives!

Fund The Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking

The gift you give will support and empower those who are victims and survivors of child sex trafficking. It will help Shared Hope’s mission to provide what they need to recover and our belief-in-action that there is hope for them; that they are worth the fight—that they are loved—that they have a future. Your gift will also bring justice to survivors through our policy initiatives, and it will prevent the crime of sex trafficking from ever happening to those that are vulnerable.

Because of you, we are empowered to continue this life saving fight to end child sex trafficking – one life at a time.